Philosophy Cafe

Philosophy cafe is a free event where curious people come together to explore challenging ideas in a comfortable space.
Designed as a meeting ground for the intellectually curious, the Globe at Hay hosts a space where diverse perspectives converge to create an atmosphere that stimulates thought and meaningful connections.


Previous discussion topics have included:
  • "Generative and conversational artificial intelligence / GenAI and ChatGPT”;
  • "Fungi and Philosophy and ‘Entangled life’ by Merlin Sheldrake;
  • The logic of true belief;
  • How to philosophically respond to despair
  • What is happiness?
  • Can we devise a philosophical argument to support our defence of the planet from capitalism?
Some events will have guest speakers while most are like round-table discussion groups.
Philosophy is for everyone, and so is our café. No prior knowledge is required; just bring an open mind and a curiosity to explore. New faces are always welcome!
Want to speak at a future philosophy cafe? Get in touch!