Sun 21 Aug 2022

A Crash Course in Creative Writing with Dan Freeman

2pm to 4pm     Tickets £10

We are lucky enough to have Dan Freeman leading this practical workshop designed to help you to start or restart that book/ film/ play/ song/ poem/ article... or anything else you want to write. It's also a fascinating insight for anyone interested in how stories and scripts work. Writers, wannabe writers, agents, producers, directors, publishers; anyone at all interested in writing can benefit from this informative one-hour workshop.This will give you the psychological and practical tools you need to write, or to get the best work from a writer.

Dan Freeman's career has encompassed every possible medium from standup comedy to plays to novels to Film to webcasts (he made the World's first!) and he has unique insights as not only a writer but an award-winning director, producer and performer. He is currently working on a well-known Fantasy TV series prequel for HBO; a theatre tour and a feature film, Hold Excalibur.

Please book to avoid disappointment. To be held in the main hall or garden depending on the weather.

Book tickets £10.00 2.00pm
Dan directing