Sun 26 Nov 2023

Together for Timuktu

A Family Fundraiser for Timbuktu Crisis Appeal

Join us at The Globe at Hay for a morning of family fun as we raise money to send to our friends in Hay's twin town of Timbuktu, currently under siege and cut off from the world once again!

All writers are appearing for free with all monies raised from ticket sales and donations going directly to our Timbuktu Crisis Appeal

ALL TICKETS ARE PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD but can be reserved in advance for free

10.30am The fun begins when AF Harold brings us his wacky poetry show 'Welcome to Wild Town' (age 6+)
Tickets available here:

11am (ish) Nicola Davies and Petr Horacek take us on an interactive live painting & poetry adventure with The Star Whale (ages 6-100!) Tickets available here:

15min BREAK

12 noon After a short break we join Jackie Morris and Cathy Fisher in conversation with Nicola Davies as they expolore the making of their new book The Panda's Child (all ages welcome) Tickets available here:

All writers will be available for book signing after the event - books can be bought in advance at a reduced price for ticket holders via The Poetry Bookshop website and can be collected at the event.

Community event 10.30am
together for timbuktu