Sun 17 Mar 2024

A Year of Lovers Book Launch

Doors 3.30pm / Start 4pm     Free
Lover and poet, Rosie feels words like others feel touch. She falls for a moment like others fall for a person, and she’d love to share a moment with you. Please join us to celebrate the release of the first poetry collection from Rosie With Words. Allow spoken word moments to lull you into your evening, before enjoying the live music.
Live music from Saint Senara, recently crowned “the best band in Gloucestershire” in the Battle of the Bands.
Rosie’s work has been described as “refreshing…..  seductive….  arresting…. magical… “ Rosie creates visuals & projections to accompany poems written for performance at The Globe’s famous Open Mic night.  Her Instagram account @rosiewithwords offers poems and their accompanying sensual visuals, along with captioned recordings of live performances, and reviews. 
A few recent reviews of the book and live performances: 
“I’ve just fallen in love with you via your words… ‘Let my tongue touch the corners of your name in a whisper’ is possibly one of the most sensually evocative things I’ve ever read.  I’ve never known a writer to be so implicitly explicit. I know exactly what you mean and it’s so graphic but you describe it in the most subtly abstract way. It’s beautiful. Your writing is so sensual, sexy and with a hint of melancholic celebration… it’s very VERY good.”
“Read this book tonight…. couldn’t put it down.
I can’t tell you how wonderful this book is, and how wonderful this lady is as a performer. She celebrates her sexuality, and writes with no predjudice, equal candour and retrospective love towards all of her previous lovers. Both incredibly explicit whilst equally striking the balance of non compromising subtlety, a wonderfully sensual writer. If you don’t follow her on Insta, nor have seen her live, nor bought her book, you are completely missing out.”


Community event 4.00pm