Thu 18 Jan 2024

Invitation to Play With Meggie

10am - 11.30am      £5
Invitations To Play, it’s more than just a playgroup, it’s a nurturing community that cherishes each child’s individuality. These sessions are carefully designed to encourage self-expression, curiosity, and joy in a safe and inviting environment. Meggie's child-led philosophy means that every activity, from painting and building to singing and dancing, is an invitation for your child to explore at their own pace. She celebrate every little step of their journey, supporting them as they grow, learn, and make new friends.And for you, the amazing parents, our cozy and welcoming space offers a chance to unwind, enjoy a warm drink, meet other parents, and enjoy watching your little ones thrive in a place where play and happiness are paramount.  £5 per child, + £2.50 per sibling. Paid in cash on door.
Community event 10.30am